our approach

We specialize in and provide management of Retail Rollout Programs and provide leadership in critical areas, which determine success. We understand what it takes to deliver a single project and we know how to manage the resources, systems and components of a national and international in-line and factory store rollout program.

We are unique among Project Managers when it comes to understanding the value of imaging the Client’s Brand. We have been trained in retail marketing and will quickly grasp your mission and understand how you will choose to Brand your company. We know how to respect and emulate the environmental design elements that create the “emotional ties” to the Brand. Respect of brands and image icons is tantamount to the successful execution of a project or program. We understand the importance of protecting the Brand and its impact on the bottom line.

Working in conjunction with (and in support of) your real estate team, we can craft the exhibit language to your lease documents that helps to protect your position with the landlord, and clearly addresses the physical requirements of your premises.

From managing the permit process through to construction completion/commissioning and turnover to store operations, we provide hands-on site-based management. The success of job site execution relies on individuals who are tenacious and focused on quality construction, controlling costs and meeting the opening date. We understand that the client’s time is valuable and his interface with key milestones during construction is critical. We will balance and coordinate those needs and activities. Our technical knowledge of electronics, communications systems, wire management, store circulation, lighting, security/loss prevention and audio/visual enables us to deliver a store that works. Additionally, we are very experienced in retail fixturing systems.

We have pre-qualified and tested, through the successful completion of projects, a stable of national and international, architects, engineers, general contractors, vendors and suppliers.

We will set-up and manage all the control systems for budgets, schedules, milestone date reports, invoice payments, action items, etc. and distribute to the team by whatever means of communication you prefer, or post to your project website.

We pride ourselves on being good listeners and are committed to making you successful in the execution of your project or program.