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In June of 2003, Vans Retail contacted B&A to assist them with the design and development of the first international flagship store to be built on Carnaby Street in London, England. Vans had a limited presence in Europe since most of their product was sold through dealers, with a small internal retail group focused on outlet stores. They wanted a company-owned flagship store with the intention of creating a strong tie between the Vans customers in Europe and the Vans brand with the goal of radically changing the appearance of their stores. The lease dictated the store had to open for the Christmas Holiday Season, the first week in December 2003.

To support the change in Brand appearance, B&A set up interviews with American-based designers, and assisted in selecting an L.A. area ‘skater’ in his youth, previously a Design Director for Nike Retail, and presently head of design at Columbia Sportswear. Together Vans, their new designer, and B&A, teamed up with the goal of creating a new image for Vans Retail.

In less than a month, a new concept for Vans was conceived, approved by Vans Corporate, and the Team headed to London to implement the plan. During the entire process, B&A managed the competitive selection of all participating consultants and vendors, with an eye to budget, schedule, and clarity of design. Vans on Carnaby Street opened its doors on December 4, 2003 on schedule, within budget, and with a new look for the Vans Brand.